I was recently given a few I Gotcha Back Belts to field test. I am impressed by the light weight, breathe able, form fitting design thin enough to conceal under clothing, and tenacious enough to remain in place through a variety of movements.

I gave a belt to a patient of mine who could not walk more than 10 minutes without severe low back pain, sciatica, and knee pain.Using the belt, he was able to walk at a convention for 12 hours 2 days in a row with only mild pain in his low back, and no sciatic or knee pain! Several days later, his hips remained in perfect alignment, and the sciatic and knee pain had not returned even though he was notcontinuously using the belt after the convention.

I cannot wait to have more of these belts in my office for all my low back patients! Great product!

Dr. Laurelyn Barnett, DC

I’ve been in the music business now for 33 years, but not on the glamorous side. I have been a crew chief for labor and rigging. Anyone in the business can attest to how much it wears on the body, specifically the back. The wear and tear over the years has made it harder and harder to perform the duties of this job. Until one day my good friend Glenn approached me with a product he said would change all that. He called it “I gotcha pockets” As a fellow laborer over the years, he understood the importance of keeping his back healthy and supported. I have now been using the belt for 6 months and haven’t felt this good in years. As a former personal trainer, I realize how important it is to keep the structural integrity of your back in tact (especially the older you get) and have seen how a bad back can limit your once able-body. The form fitting belt has allowed me to still continue my duties on the job and to maintain the healthy lifestyle I have kept up all these years without restricting any movement or flexibility. This is truly a feel good product I can honestly say has changed my life for the better and will continue to not only endorse, but use as a loyal patron.

Andy Hansel

I just wanted to let you know that after 2 weeks of wearing the We Gotcha Back belt, my lower back pain has been minimized tremendously. I sit at a desk 8 hours a day and with the I Gotcha Pockets belt, my posture is now corrected. I feel more refreshed at the end of the day and no loner have the lower back pain from slouching in a chair. This belt is a back saver and I can’t express enough how much it helps me. It is thin enough to not be cumbersome, but still strong enough to be effective. Anyone who has any lower back pain should try this belt out and they won’t be disappointed.

One more thing! I use the belt every time I workout. It helps me keep perfect form and avoid injuries. I can’t say enough about how well I have progressed and the gains I have made in my overall health and well-being. The We Gotcha Back belt is truly a blessing! I wish you the best and hope everyone else gets a chance to experience how remarkably wonderful it is.

Brad Inmon

Field Operations Support Coordinator, Coca-Cola North America

WE GOTCHA BACK is a product I will stand by through and through.
As a female body builder, I go through my many workouts with a normal lifting belt. But even then sometimes on the weight I am moving I can have a sore back the next day. Working a 9 to 5 in an office I have to sit in an office chair that is very hard on my back. My saving grace has been Glenn Gordon’s WE GOTCHA BACK product better known as the “Body Compression Lumbar Support Belt”. This product comes with one belt, one hot gel pack, and one cold gel pack and that makes it a fantastic buy.

It not only provides the support I need daily, it enables my back to heal quicker which in turn allows me to get back to bodybuilding quicker. That what makes this product so special for me the quick healing results. WE GOTCHA BACK is an amazing product and I would definitely recommend it to anyone that lifts heavy weight/items, sits for long periods of time or even just feels like they need support for their back and are unsure of what product they might need.

The material this belt is made of is one of my favorite part, it is excellent because it is not something that tears easily and requires little to no adjustment once you have it on. It is so sturdy that i can whip it on and off quickly without having to worry about tearing it in half like some other products I have used in the past – they tend to tear up the sides or the material may split but not this product. I have tested it out in many fashions and couldn’t be happier with its performance. The man behind the product is just as sturdy as his product and I have complete faith that he has everyone’s back.

Another reason why I would recommend this product is the customer service you will receive from the company. You don’t just buy a back support belt (body compression lumbar support belt) and never have anyone to go to if needed. Glenn Gordon or the company is always there and happy to answer any questions you may have as a client about your purchase . All I can say is that I am a very satisfied customer and WE GOTCHA BACK truly “has my back”. Just a little something else I have discovered about this product and that is, it works great for female cramps because of its gel packs and that is a real cool thing. Wonderful product,company, and inventor of the of the WE GOTCHA BACK (body compression lumbar support belt) in the U. S.

Alexa Hasse

Female Bodybuilder, Atlanta, GA

Hi, my name is Charles Dickerson. I am a disabled veteran and South Carolina State Government medical retiree who’ve had the unfortunate experience of permanently injuring my C-6 cervical disk in my upper back over 35 years ago requiring surgical bone fusion to my neck along with degenerative disk disease. I’ve also reinjured my neck and experienced permanent damage to my lower back 8 years ago resulting in two lower back surgeries to repair the L-5 lumbar disk requiring extensive medical treatment and therapy. The resulting degenerative disk disease caused chronic and debilitating pain requiring years of spinal steroid injections.

I am currently undergoing my 3rd round of physical therapy and Chiropractic care to strengthen my body and manage the chronic pain. This duel approach to treating my chronic pain symptoms has done wonders to stabilize, minimize and arrest the pain, given normal routine activities that are extremely moderate in nature. But when faced with prolonged standing, bending, lifting and walking distances more than a couple of blocks the pain returns with a vengeance and the only thing that I’ve found that relieves the pain and provides adequate long-term support for my body during and immediately following strenuous and prolonged activities is the “I Gotcha Back” lumbar compression belt.

The “I Gotcha Back” lumbar compression belt does wonders for me during and after working on my cars, doing miscellaneous house work and yard work, in addition to being able to walk longer distances and stand for longer periods of time, which I otherwise I would not be able to do. Thanks to Brother Glen Gordon whom I’ve known and had a personal relationship with for more than 25 years, the “I Gotcha Back” lumbar compression belt has done wonders for me. I can truthfully say with God as my witness that my ongoing activities and quality of life is much better after using his product for about a year and thank God I am no longer in need of spinal steroid injections.

The beauty and superb functionality of the “I Gotcha Back” lumbar compression belt that sets it apart from other compression belts can be found in the functional design, lumbar contoured width, and incredible Velcro waist adjustment feature that can be incrementally expanded and contracted to provide the exact amount of tension and lumbar pressure that allows for extended long-term wear and maximum comfort.

That said, the bonus feature of this product that lends itself to pain relief and physical recuperation is found in the removable “thermal and cooling paCKs” that fit into a built-in pocket in the interior portion of the back of the compression belt. This is the most magical and awesome feature of this wonderful product that TOTALLY sets it apart from its competition. It’s simple and easy to use, just freeze the liquid pack for a short period of time and you have an “ice pack” or simply push and hold a little “genie like button” in the liquid pack and within minutes it becomes a “HEAT PACK”. This multi-purpose liquid pack can be removed from the compression belt and used on various parts of the body after the belt is removed or while being worn. As a matter of fact, I use it when I am not wearing the compression belt to calm my knee and neck pain and my wife uses it to relieve her frequent and severe migraine headaches.

This product is simply amazing… Nothing Else Like It!!! It has done wonders for me and my wife and I cannot thank Mr. Gordon (G.G.) enough for providing the answer to my getting a semblance of my normal life back. This is a one of a kind product that you will fall in love with once you use it. “Buy it and try it, you won’t deny it”!!!

Charles E. Dickerson

Writer, Author, Poet & Publisher, Neo Nexus Publishing, LLC

I GOTCHA POCKETS/WE GOTCHA BACK what a fantastic name for fantastic products. I met GG when he was a stagehand in the rock and roll entertainment industry in Atlanta Ga and he still works in our industry but now as an entertainment ground rigger. I would notice he would always have a back support belt on that he would never take off so i asked him where did he get it and he said he invented it which i though yeah right. I know for a fact that GG has back problems and sciatica nerve problems but it did not seem to slow him down when lifting heavy rigging motors out of cases and carrying heavy rope steel. Trust me there is nothing lightweight in the industry we work in and i have been doing what i do for many years now.

I have worked and still do with very big artists such as Sade, Janet Jackson, Micheal Jackson, Mariah Carey, Elton John, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Kool and the Gang and the list goes on and on and i tell you this kind of work has beat my back up pretty bad over the years. I have even considered quitting many times because this is very tough work but GG being the friend that he is gave me one of his I GOTCHA POCKETS back support belt but please don’t call it a back support belt. He really prefers you call it the BODY COPRESSION LUMBAR SUPPORT BELT and with very good reason. Honestly i have never worn a compression belt before and man i will tell you once you put this belt on and wear it for about an hour, you will not want to take it off i guarantee.

GG product is no joke this belt should be made mandatory throughout the industry i am in because i work with stagehands daily and they struggle with their backs all the time. Most people in my industry are independent and we cannot afford to get hurt and i am telling you GG belt will without a doubt keep you a lot safer and
healthy. I just was introduced recently to GG new product which he calls the WE GOTCHA BACK product and it is
also a body compression lumbar support belt but with gel packs. I really love both of his products and yes that’s right i own both the I GOTCHA POCKETS and the WE GOTCHA BACK. I will be trying my best to push this product because it is simply a very good product period and it does what it said it will do for the user.

The man is a disabled Vietnam Era Veteran and works very hard and always has a smile on his face. I can tell he takes a lot of pride in trying to help others and i will do everything i can to make sure that everyone knows that not only he is a veteran but his product is truly a great product. I predict within the next 6 to 8 months GG products will be a household name known worldwide because if you try it once i am sure you will want to share the good news about this product with others. In the industry i am in i can see dancers, entertainers, and many others enjoying GG products because it will help your back and sciatica nerve problems. I watch GG when he is wearing it and you cannot tell the man really has major back and sciatica nerve problems.

Terry Cooley

Stage Production Manager

I never met anyone in my line of work which is the entertainment/corporate tour rigging business that cares so
much about keeping people in my industry safe and healthy. I rig shows for the biggest artists ever all over the
world and this kind of work really can take a lot out of you at the end of the day. Every time i go through Atlanta
Ga there is this guy there name GG that is always giving me stuff like back support belts. The first one he gave me
it took me a while but i started wearing it and i am glad i did because it feels so good and it is lightweight.

The great thing i like about it is half the time i don’t realize i have it on and i tell you this back support belt is
definitely a good belt to have on and off the job seriously. GG product is called I GOTCHA POCKETS so i thought
until i came to Atlanta Ga again and this time he gave me a different back support belt call WE GOTCHA BACK
which he also calls the Body Compression Lumbar Support Belt. I thought his first belt was very good and i mean
really good but then he came up with this other one he has now call WE GOTCHA BACK.

All i can say is WOW his products are perfect for our industry because we are always picking up heavy motors,
rope steel, set pieces, etc. on an 8 to 18 hours or more shifts in my industry. Again i tour all over the world doing
what i do and GG products are definitely making a difference in the way i feel at the end of the day/night. The guy
not only cares about people in my industry, he cares about all his fellow veteran friends because he told me that
they are the reason he tried so hard to create a quality back support belt that would meet FDA standards and he
did just that. If you ever talk to GG you will immediately sense his passion when it comes to helping veterans.

He believes that his back support belts should be made a standard issue of the military uniform and after wearing both of his belts i agree 100%. If you really want a great product for back, posture, or sciatica nerve problems then you must try GG belts i guarantee you will not regret it. Great job my friend. GG is also an entertainment ground rigger in the Atlanta Ga area and wears his product daily when working in our industry.

Bill Rengstl

Tour Lead Rigger

We Gotcha Back belt is a versatile product. It gives lots of back support, encourages proper posture, and you can choose which pack you want to insert.

It helps a lot to have either a heat pack on sore back muscles after a full day working on my feet. And the ice pack feels great against my legs after a long training run.
We Gotcha Back belt is very customizable so you can adjust how tight it is. We Gotcha Back belt is surprisingly lightweight and the velcro is extremely strong; it holds the belt in place even while you are on the go.

This is an excellent product and I recommend it highly to all with sore muscles or in need of strong back support!

Dr. Andrew Khaw


Being a physician, I spend a lot of time in front of a computer, hunched over. By the end of the day, my back is in terrible shape. Wearing the We Gotcha Back belt gave me so much immediate relief, I couldn’t believe it. The extra support and pain relief this belt affords me has improved my quality of life, in and outside the office. I’m impressed by how comfortable it is to wear and the quality of the materials used.
I would highly recommend the We Gotcha Back belt to anyone with back pain, including my own patients. It’s a life saver!

Dr. Christina Joy


Hello everyone Denise here and i have been suffering with major back problems for many years. I am now a big supporter and fan of the WE GOTCHA BACK product. The belt feels great all by itself but it comes with hot and cold gel packs. Before the WE GOTCHA BACK i would normally wear a decompression belt when working.

Then i tried the WE GOTCHA BACK belt and it gave me the extra back support i needed. The belt even helped my posture wow and that is very good. I love this product because i can even wear it underneath my clothing with a huge gel pack comfortably. I never have to adjust it and sometimes i forget i have it on because it is so light.
This is a product i would recommend to anyone who want to lose weight because i have and you only need just one of these products. You can keep adjusting it as you lose weight to the smallest size you want it to be and it will stay where you put it. If any woman use this product they will not use a corset again period. I believe this would be a very nice product for our men and women in uniform but especially our women because the hot and the cold gel packs will work wonders for the women and their female cramps. Overall this WE GOTCHA BACK is good for anyone male and female and will stop so many people coming out of service with back problems being so young. I uses it for my back but i have also let some of my friends use it and they said it helps a lot with the sciatica nerve problem and the arthritis in their back.

All i can say is that i am happy with what it does for me but don’t take my word about the product just go to the website yourself and watch the testimony video and other customers there. I just want to tell everybody about what i believe is an amazing product that’s all and that is why i am sharing information. Go to wegotchaback . com and the wegotchabackgov . com and let me know what you think. You have nothing to lose but who knows you might decide to get your own.

Denise Jane

Rochester, NY

Just wanted to let you know that this is an awesome product! I do especially appreciate the time you have taken to develop this belt/support. I purchased this belt for the combination of interchangeable pockets offered and as convenient as those are for around the house and my line of work, I think the added comfort and relief of back pain is what I like most about this belt. I tend to spend 3-4hrs each day driving around town… over the last couple of weeks of wearing your belt, I don’t have the same difficulty getting out of my car or the level of pain bending over as I have through the past couple of years. Like most men, I don’t care for visiting doctors or taking medicines if I can avoid it. Wearing this support seems to really be helping my poor posture quite a bit. Thank you for taking the time to read my email, you have a happy customer right here.

*Please send me more information on future upgrades or a catalog of your product line.

Andrew Herndon

CSSales Pro Consultant

I GOTCHA POCKETS is a fantastic product because i don’t even like wearing a back support belt when i am working but this belt feels so good. I never thought i would be saying how much i like wearing my back support belt maybe because it is more like a compression belt. I can feel it pulling my body together and making me walk with better posture. I would recommend this belt to anyone who just want to keep their back in good shape. I realize now that i don’t have to have a bad back to like wearing a back support belt if it is the right one and I GOTCHA POCKETS is definitely the right one for me. You really should buy one today even if your back don’t hurt.

Rhae Lindsey

Entertainment Spotlight Operator, Stagehand and Theater

I love this back belt I have had back issues for years and have been wearing your belt for the last 3
weeks and may back is pain free, I am the Head Tennis Professional at the Palmetto Dunes Tennis
Center and on my feet for the whole day the back belt gives me great support and helps me stay in
good alignment. I can wear the belt all day over or under my shirt and it is so light weight I do not
have any restrictions on mobility. I also just completed a 15 hour car trip and had the brace on the
whole time and my back still feels great. This is an amazing product and once people put it on they
will love it forever. Thanks so much for letting me give it a try i will wear it everyday.

Brian Kiggins

Head Tennis Professional, Hilton Head Palmetto Dunes Resort

I wore the belt all day, and I would say my back hurt 60-75% less! So I have now worn the belt two days in a row, and both days my back hurt, but hurt a substantial amount less! It does have a great fit, at no time did I feel the need to take it off for any uncomfortable condition! Thanks for letting me try it out! I plan on wearing it at any time I have to be off my feet for extended periods of time. I will let you know how it works out. Thanks again!

Jace Wade